Plant Audit of Quality Prize 2016-6-8
Author   OriginChangzhou Huari New Material Co,Ltd.

     In early June, Huari took part in the one-day quality prize audit held by new district quality supervising institute.

     After listening to the report of Huaris management team and making detailed evaluation of each branch, the experts gave high praise of our quality management system, and also delivered several suggestions.

Four advantages approved by the experts were as follows.

1. Huari established a scientific, systematic and effective system to guarantee the accomplishment of strategic target.

2. Huari possessed a strong team of technology and participated in the constitution of national standard. Being a provincial high-tech enterprise, Huari was stable in the changeable business environment and had great capacity in middle-high level products.

3. Huari did good performance in process control that each branch established quality standard and employees offered more than 300 rational proposals. There was a good analyzing and follow-up mechanism both at the customer and plant sides to solve problems in time.

4. Huari had a good human resource management system including different occupational development paths for management, technical and production staff, perfect performance management, fair and impartial compensation system and encouragement policy, annual employee satisfaction survey and well-organized training system.

At the same time, the experts also pointed out several issue to be improved.

1. Promotion and study of the excellent performance standard.

2. Establishment of short-term and long-term information system.

At the finish meeting, Mr. Mihata gave appreciation to the experts on behalf of Huari staff and expressed clearly that Huari will work harder to improve the three problems and make them become our new strength in the future.

3. Information collection of good enterprises in business and competitors and learn from them to make improvement.

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