Learning and Sharing Seminar 2016-6-20
Author:   Origin:Changzhou Huari New Material Co,. Ltd.

    The newly introduced online learning system at the beginning of 2016 has been running for half a year. Almost half of the employees chose the courses they were interested and studied in their spare time. It was proved to be an effective and successful training mode.

    To further improve the training efficiency, a sharing seminar was held in late June. During the event, 10 employees from several branches shared their learning experience with other participants.

     The sharing contents were mainly understandings and thoughts about the work and life associated with the knowledge learned in the online courses.

     During their presentation, 3 management leaders worked as raters to score their performance. And later the 10 employees would be awarded according to the scores.

    This was only the first step of the training mode. We believe that in the future we could find more effective and good way to improve the training work and make the effects of training more practicable.

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