Respect the History and Cherish Today 2016-6-27
Author:   Origin:Changzhou Huari New Materical Co,Ltd.

Respect the History and Cherish Today

--A Visit to the New Forth Army Memorial Hall

    On June 5th, all the Party member in Huari paid a visit to the former site of the New Forth Army south headquarters in Liyang as an event of patriotism eductation.

At the entrance of the memorial hall, two statues of Genral Chen Yi and Zhang Qian were standing in front of us. At the back of the statues, 8 Chinese Characters of “威震江南,功在民族” blinked in the sunshine.

    The guide introduced the war maps, photos in each hall to us and told us the fighting stories during the war time.

All the remains and photos brought us back to the history in the storms of shots and shells. We felt the belief of the martyr and were shocked by their great strength.

    The history was far away from us, but it could not be forgotten. No matter how old you are, 90’s could feel the same encouragement as what was felt by 60’s.

We visited the memorial hall to learn from the spirit of the heroes and formed good habit for our work and life. We made history as a mirror to reflect ourselves and guide us in the future.

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